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Dale Price (a.k.a DaleSnale) is a seasoned audio engineer, video creator, and musician with four decades of professional experience. His journey in the audio production industry has led him to focus on sound and video creation, digital download sales of audio clips, consulting services and select production projects.

Digital Downloads

Discover a captivating collection of audio clips for your projects. Explore our wide range of ambient sounds, musical compositions, and more. Visit the “Store” tab to browse and purchase.

Consulting Services

Need expert guidance for your audio and video projects? Dale offers tailored consulting services to help you achieve exceptional results. From equipment selection to production advice, tap into his wealth of knowledge. Learn more under the “Consulting Services” tab.


Learn about Dale’s extensive background in audio production, including his experience recording over five hundred albums and collaborating with musicians, producers and creators worldwide. Find out how his past journey shaped his current focus on digital downloads and consulting services.