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Electric Canyon is a recording studio located in Butte Creek Canyon outside of Chico in Northern California. Established in 2003, the facility was built by owner/lifetime audio engineer, Dale Price under the design and assistance of Wes Lachot. The outstanding acoustics, hi-quality recording gear, and Dale’s thirty-years of audio engineering and live performance make a unique and special recording experience.

The studio, well into its second decade, has played musical host to thousands of musicians, hundreds of bands with five-hundred plus completed albums, and live performance music video credits.

Dale has worked with international, national, regional and a myriad local artists from Northern California. He enjoys playing host to musical veterans as much as studio first-timers in the recording process.

Nestled on oak and pine laden property within the breathtaking basalt cliffs to the North and South, Electric Canyon is a studio of inspiration with only nature to distract from the process of recording.

Check out more information on the studio throughout the website.

ProSound Audio Services is the sound company Dale also operates serving up live sound and technical audio support to thousands of events since 1988.

We invite you to find out more information on live sound and audio visual services under the ProSound tab.

There is plenty of audio resources on the site with more added regularly.

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-Dale Price

“You nailed it!”

- Frank Vignola

“I hope you never stop what your doing for a living”

- Jen Todd

“Wizard of the canyon.”

- Julian Ruck

“I was telling a Nashville music friend here at lunch today that of all the projects I’ve done,
it was so refreshing to get in there, badda bing, badda boom, get the job done, and have fun while doing it.”

- Antsy McClain & the Trailer Park Troubadors

“Love you man.”

- Jason Conley

“…As far as soundguys go, Dale’s ears are the size of Texas”

- Joe Craven

“My favorite place in the world”

- Chris Rockwell

“Thank YOU for the great work you did last night – your work was as I expected – exceptional and most importantly for me, worry-free…”

- Alice Yu , KVIE, the PBS station in Sacramento, CA