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Dale Price is a freelance audio engineer, video creator and musician professionally in the disciplines of recording, video, A/V, consulting and live sound production since the 1980’s. His broad audio skill-set comes from a do-whatever-it-takes attitude servicing diverse audio needs in Butte County, Northern California and around the globe..

Audio Recording Services

Dale has worked with musicians, artists and bands recording over five-hundred albums and thousands of music singles. He has recorded live music for TV, and provided audio production, editing and mixing for films and hundreds of videos. He enjoys the recording process with seasoned and first-time studio musicians and creators.
*(Due to ongoing high demand production, Dale is not booking recording projects at this time)
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Video Services

Dale produces small video productions for music, educators and creators.
For over ten years, YouTube has been a creation space for Dale, both on his “Noise Ambient” channel and for other channel creators.

DaleSnale – Noise Ambient Channel on YouTube

“The Noise Cafe” tab hosts many of Dale’s ambient audio creations. Audio clips may be listened to under ‘Media’ and purchased under  the ‘Store’ tab.

Consultation With an Audio Expert

Do you have audio questions and challenges with a setup? Dale has helped technicians, musicians, educators, churches and hobbyists get the most from their setups. Working exclusively in the audio industry for four decades, he has the expertise to guide people  to better audio recording techniques, gear, software, workflow, acoustics, and hooking up equipment.
To schedule an over the phone consultation with Dale. Click here.

Live Sound Production and A/V Services

ProSound Audio Services is the company Dale operates, servicing audio, visual and technical needs and production to thousands of events since 1988.
Information on sound and audio/visual services is located under the ‘Audio Production’ tab.

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