Dale Price is a freelance audio engineer, video creator and musician professionally plying the disciplines of recording, video, A/V, consulting and live sound. His broad audio skill-set comes from a do-whatever-it-takes customer service mentality servicing diverse clients in Northern California and worldwide via the web.

Noise Ambient Recordist – Creator

Dale’s primary focus currently is video creation for his audio based YouTube channels, Noise Ambient – dalesnale and other channels where he acts as creator and consultant. Noise Ambient focuses on noise and other background listening sounds including binaural tones, meditation sounds, nature sounds and sounds that may offer relief for listeners with tinnitus.


For 2.5 decades, Dale completed fifty recording projects each year; record albums, TV music specials, live concert recordings and demos. The goal has always been to help artists with all or any aspect of their recording needs: tracking, overdubbing, editing, mixing, mastering, producing or consulting.
Dale wants to help every musician make the best recordings possible making enjoyable entertaining recordings of the highest quality while further their musical pursuits. Contemporary recording is often done in multiple facilities: professional, project and home studios, or live venues for mobile recording. Dale is a studio collaborator with artists and facilities across the U.S. and internationally.

Dale is no longer offering recording studio services with the exception of select mastering and mixing services for a handful of clients via web correspondence. Subject to availibility.


As an audio/visual technician, Dale has provided technical services and equipment for conferences, and meetings for corporate, non-profit, government and other types of organizations since 1988.

Live Sound

Dale Price has worked as a professional engineer in twenty-five states and six countries.
Live sound engineering has been an ongoing career passion he has pursued since 1988 with the formation of ProSound Audio Services. After thousands of events, freelance engineering for bands, artists and other sound companies Dale no longer offers this service.

Early Career

Dale Price launched ProSound Audio Services in 1988 to serve the sonic needs of Chico, California, the North Valley and beyond. As a performing musician, Dale saw a need to support events and bands with the high quality sound in Chico’s music scene. The sound system was assembled and ProSound began. Quality engineering and performance have been paramount and business steadily grew. Dale worked as a freelance engineer as well traveling to work events including The International Design Conference in Aspen, Colorado, The Lincoln Center Festival in New York, The North American Vans Warp Tour, The Mountain Dew Snowboard Tour, and other events: air shows to boat races, rodeos to raves.

ProSound added digital recording to the services offered in 1993. Mobile recording was first and then a modest studio and rehearsal space was setup. Scheduling conflicts with rehearsing bands made the recording studio move into Dale’s house which was a comfortable recording space. The rehearsal space was closed soon after to focus on recording and live sound. Hundreds of albums we’re recorded over eight years. By 2000, a designed studio space was conceptualized to better serve the recording community in a location set in nature just out of town. Design and construction of Dale’s Electric Canyon Recording began in 2001 and was completed in 2003. Wes Lachot was the lead designer and Dale was the general contractor and builder; a testament to his dedication to audio engineering.

School Days and Youth

At age four, Dale was operating the family reel to reel tape recorder to playback and discover music in his Dad’s collection. Born in 1966, his musically impressionable years coincided with the release of the greatest music of the late Sixties and Seventies shaping his insatiable musical appetite to this day. Old enough to appreciate Jazz, Folk and Musical Show-tunes, young enough to appreciate Rap, Metal and Electronic Dance Music, Dale appreciates all styles of music which is key to becoming a great audio engineer.

Dale’s interests outside of music have always been broad and varied. Boating, cars, electronics, building, and the outdoors indirectly played into problem solving abilities that would also shape his engineering abilities.

Schooled in the mid-peninsula Bay Area suburb of San Carlos through high school graduation, Dale embarked for California State University Chico in the fall of 1984. Enrolling first as a mechanical engineer, Dale was sidetracked by the Chico music scene. After a close call with academic failure, Dale switched to the Music Department after meeting Professor Ray Barker in 1985 who told Dale of the Recording Arts program beginning. He was the first to officially enroll and in 1989 the first to graduate from the program that has now sent thousands of audio engineers successfully into the industry the world over.