What is the role of an Audio Engineer?

To help deliver the message, tone and emotion of the artist, person or entity to the desired audience using the technical equipment at hand.

Do you still operate a full size studio?

No. The Electric Canyon Recording Studio in Butte Creek Canyon was shuddered in 2017 for reasons having to do with drive time, overhead, the changing nature of the recording industry to smaller setups.
The recording gear is racked to record large sessions at other studios, rehersal spaces and venues. Mixing, editing and overdubs meetups are in Chico. Much of the work is now received, completed and resent over the web with no meetup.

Recording Services

How much is recording time?

The current rate for studio time if $40.00 per hour. 

Is there a minimum time for recording?

Two hour minimum. It is possible to record one or more songs in a short session. If the music is practiced and prepared, the session will be efficient and fun.

How long will it take to record an album?

Artists often record one or two songs at time. This may be for web release, or just for fun. Making a full length album or 8 to 12 songs is more involved. No two projects are alike and there is no way to pinpoint an exact price. This is why recording is billed by the hour. Complete records have been recorded in six to eight hours by well prepared groups, but ten to forty hours is commonplace. A full-length record is often several one or two song projects compiled over a period of time. 

I’ve never recorded before. Can you help me get started?

Absolutely. Many artists have worked with Dale on first-time recording and helping them dial in their home recording setups. Dale will explain the process in detail and guide the artist in a positive, fun and educational process. All musicians should record as an exploration growth. It is as important as practice and performing to become a well rounded artist.

Can you mix a project recorded elsewhere?

Yes. Multitrack mixing of songs and/or mastering stereo files sent from other artists and studios via the web is a staple of recording at this time. Conversely, Dale records many tracks that are sent to other studios for mixing and mastering.  

Is it possible to record drums and other basic tracks for a band, then take the files elsewhere for overdubs and or mixing?

Indeed. Many artists record key aspects of their recording project, like drums or vocals, then do guitar or keyboards elsewhere. That way, the band can benefit from Dale’s excellent gear and expertise, and but save money by performing overdubs at home. Today’s recording climate offers efficient methods to share tracks between studios via the web. The more engineers, the more ears on a project, the better.

Can you add instruments to a guitar and vocal track already recorded?

Sure. Dale Price produces music with songwriters in this manner. A four decade drum performer, Dale often records his own drum performances on recordings for artists, often over the web remotely.

What should my band or I bring to a session?

  • Lyrics
  • Camera
  • Snacks, food and drink. We have coffee, tea and water
  • Instruments, Instrument amplifiers like guitar amps and pedals if they create the sound we intend to capture. We have some instruments, drums, weighted digital piano, keyboards and amplifiers available. Please check with Dale when booking a session.
  • USB thumb drive or hard-drive to take backup audio files home

What don’t I need to bring?

Microphones, mic stands, and PA related equipment.


Any advice on preparing to make a great recording?

Practice and plan. Get to know the material down to the tiniest transition and detail. This will make the process efficient and fun.

What kind of gear is used for recording?

A combination of analog and digital gear both vintage and contemporary to create a unique quality sound and vibe. ProTools, as well as other software is used, however, the computer program has less to do with the production quality compared to the front end before the computer.  The microphones, the transformer based class A microphone preamplifiers (which emulate vintage mixing consoles such as Neve, API, Trident, and tube designs) followed by Apogee analog to digital converters add stunning depth and detail to voices and instruments at the point of entering ProTools. The computer hosts great plug ins for internal processing, from Universal Audio on the way to a final mix. And the monitor speaker listening environment is accurate and gets results.

What is I have to cancel?

Call earlier than 48 hours to reschedule a session. With less than 48 hours, a two hour charge will apply.

Have you recorded or worked with anyone famous?

That depends on one’s definition of famous. An artist I have worked with in certain circles may be highly regarded while being relatively unknown in other circles. Music has many specialized genres. Dale understands the technical side of how many genres are recorded. Check out the recording, live sound and video credits and there will be some familiar names.

Video Creation

Do you do sound for film and video?

Yes, The primary focus of Dale’s work in this area is on location musical act recording multitrack for later post production in the studio. Post audio mixing sweetening editing and mastering for film and video are services provided. Over the past 25 years, Dale has worked on network films, and segments, and many independent films, documentaries, shorts and YouTube creations.

What is Dale’s video creation and editing experience?

While the audio portion of video projects is Dale’s mainstay, Dale has video-edited documentaries, shorts independent films and many YouTube projects.
Dale’s YouTube channel focused on noise and sounds currently hosts one-hundred videos with over 17,000,000 views and one-thousand years of cumulative watch time.

ProSound and A/V Services

What type of events does ProSound provide audio services for?

  • Live events: ProSound offers complete systems delivered, setup and operated by qualified audio engineers for events from 10 to 1000 attendees. Concerts, music festivals, banquets, graduations, weddings, parties, any event that needs sound reinforcement. ProSound has provided sound for thousands of events since 1988.
  • Corporate events: ProSound provides sound for small to medium corporate events including dinners, luncheons, dinner meetings and panel discussions.

Are you doing live event during the pandemic?

Not at this time in early 2021. Dale’s production focus is consulting and helping bands, schools and houses of worship tool up or retool their live sound and recording setups.

Do you offer video projection services?

Yes. ProSound has XGA video projectors available in the 1000 to 3000 lumen range.

What is Movie Night?

ProSound offers a complete movie night setup including video projector, screen, sound system and DVD playback. The movie night system is popular to bring a family or party of people together in a collective viewing experience, often outdoors on a Summer evening, sort of like the old Drive-In days. Kids parties, oldies night, or YouTube streaming night are common themes our movie night customers pick.

I need to a couple pieces of gear for the weekend. Is that possible?

Yes. We can provide sound system components such as microphones, powered speakers, amplifiers, mixers, subwoofers and more complete your audio system for your event.

I need a small PA system with two speakers and two mics. Is that something ProSound provides?

Yes. We provide small systems you can pick up and take to an event, or it can be delivered.

Do you have wireless microphones available?

ProSound has lapel/lavalier style wireless microphones available as well as some handheld mics. If the customer needs several mics, that can be arranged with advance notification.

So you make a living as a full time audio engineer in Butte County?

That’s correct. Dale has been a freelance audio engineer and sole business owner since 1995. ProSound was originally formed in 1988 between three partners.  A career as a successful full time audio engineer working one job at a time has been nothing short of amazing and very challenging. Only the most dedicated engineers stick it out for a lifetime career.

Audio Restoration

I have an old cassette tapes and some 78rpm records of my family. Can these be converted and restored?

Yes. This is a provided service for records, cassette tapes, 1/4 reel to reel tapes, ADAT tapes and minidisc.
33 1/3, 45 and 78rpm records are transferred with great care to digital format where optimization and, budget permitting restoration are applied to remove a fair amount of noise, static, clicks and scratches.
CDs or computer audio files (wav, mp3, etc.) are then delivered.

This is popular for both musicians with old tapes and family keepsake recordings and educational archives. There has never been a better time to transfer aging audio formats to digital audio for present day enjoyment, easy web sharing posterity.