Layout & Design

The Live Room


The Control Room

The Big Booth

Live Room

The premiere room at 400 square feet comfortably holds large groups, yet has a controlled reverb which doesn’t impose with overdubs. A drop ceiling handles much high and mid frequency reflection. The walls sport a dozen removable sound diffusing panels hung between nine doors, two picture windows, and the control room window. Bass trapping is in the form of drop ceilings along two walls. Many bands set up drums in this room with other musicians perhaps isolating amps, horns or vocals in the adjoining Iso rooms. In-wall guitar and speaker cable ‘pass-throughs’ keep the sound proof doors shut for best isolation (if desired). Other times, groups set up everything together ‘live’ in here. From the live room, there is a 180-degree canyon view as well as site-lines into the other four studio rooms.

Control Room

The control room is big enough to hold the whole band and some friends too. The symmetrical shape of the room is called a ‘reflection free zone’, meaning the side walls of the room add little to the coloration of the sound. The three rear walls have sound absorbing panels and some cypress wood custom patterned for reflection. Bass control is from a rear trap overhead. A drop ceiling cloud floats in the center of the room for high and mid frequency sound absorption. The room is a comfortable and accurate listening environment. During daytime, ambient light enters from glass blocks in the rear wall. Canyon views are seen at the mixing position through the entryway, live room, and big booth. Twelve light circuits illuminate the studio for function and mood. The floor is parquet hardwood with optional throw rugs.

The Big Booth

Asymmetrical in shape at about 10 feet by 9.5 feet, amplifiers, a horn section, or a drumkit will fit in this booth nicely. A five foot picture window overlooks the canyon while French doors lead back to the live room. One wall is all high and mid frequency absorption panel and two other walls sport removable diffusing panels. This booth has a nice controlled sound.

The Iso Lounge

At 130 square feet and 22 feet at its long point, this booth is popular with bass rigs. There is a drop ceiling thematic with the big rooms and a quartet of removable diffuser panels. One may get away in the iso lounge, listen to music, grab a cup of coffee or prepare a snack. There is a full bathroom adjoining this room. Noise stays in the lounge with little impact to adjacent rooms with the help of heavy-duty doors, glass, and sound seals.

The Entry Booth

A 30-60-90 triangle is the approximate shape of this 40square-foot booth. The booth serves as an entryway and sound-locks the outside, the control room, and the live room. Its small size creates a bright sound nice for combo amps, vocals, or a horn. French doors lead outside for fresh air while the inner doors lead to the control room and live room.