Live Event Sound

Live Events

ProSound offers complete sound systems delivered, setup and operated by qualified audio engineers for events from 10 to 1000 attendees. Concerts, music festivals, banquets, graduations, weddings, parties auctions, debates, meetings…any event that needs sound reinforcement. ProSound has provided hi-quality sound for thousands of events since 1988.

Music Events

ProSound’s serves music events in Butte County and the greater area of Northern California. We work closely with promoters, event coordinators and music groups to ensure the music production component of the event is handled professionally leaving the promoter to focus on the other details of the event.

We have worked in all the popular venues in the Butte County area as well as special events converting outdoor parks, properties and back yards into events. All we need is a power source and the artist or bands and ProSound can supply the rest. Events with three or more bands performing and set-changes are commonplace.

Annual events, special events, and performances comprise the schedule. Yearly clients include, Chico World Music Festival, Sacred Movement Festival, Butte Environmental Council Endangered Species Fair, Cohasset Bazaar, The Christmas and Artisans Faires and lots of one time events. Local, regional and national artists and bands are regulars to ProSound’s production services.

Our ‘A-System’ is USA built Meyers Sound Lab main-speakers and processing known to be of the highest quality and lowest distortion of any PA speaker on the market delivering clean, clear and punchy sound. The sonic difference is unmistakable compared to run of the mill overseas built speakers.

If an event is bigger that ProSound’s capabilities, we are more than happy to recommend excellent industry partners to help get the job done right. Our goal is to help customers achieve sonic success, and to raise the standard of our collective community’s events.

Meeting Sound

Sound at meetings is very important to get the presenter’s message to attendees in a clear fashion. ProSound has served clients including: City of Chico, U.S. Department of the Interior, Cal Fire, International Design Conference in Aspen, Sac Metro Fire Department, KVIE-PBS Sacramento, California State Rural Health Organization, C.S.U. Chico, Butte County Office of Education, Oroville Unified School District, American Cancer Society, and many other agencies and corporations.

Audio Engineering

Dale Price has been a freelance audio engineer and technician partnering with production companies and teams to provide sound for concerts, conferences, theatrical events, sports events and anywhere that his expertise is requested in the audio field. He is often called upon when the production has unique technical or logistic challenges that he can help with. No two productions are ever alike and Dale rises to the challenge of making each event sound its best.

Dale has worked as a professional audio engineer in twenty-five states and six countries.


ProSound can assist others with sound system coordination, wiring, troubleshooting and consulting. Dale takes great pride in helping people dial in and get the most out of their own sound systems. How sound system gear is setup, placed, wired and configured by a seasoned engineer can be more important the the equipment itself. There are countless contributing factors to great sound. Hire the ears and years of experience of Dale Price to improve any P.A. Systems performance.

Small Systems & Gear

ProSound can provided one or more individual pieces of gear to people with their own systems that need additional gear or a particular event. Whether you need a couple extra microphones, and amplifier, monitors speakers, or anything else, PrSound can help with the gear needed.