Northern California Sprtinter Campout

Nor Cal Sprinter Campout Flyer 2017

Hello Sprinter Van Fans.
I’m proud to announce the 2nd Annual Northern California Sprinter Campout will be held
October 19 through 22, 2017 once again at the beautiful, spacious Lake Concow Campground.

NCSC 2017 is open to all vans and RVs Sprinter or European design in nature or American brands and enthusiasts. There was an emphasis on DIY builds with a few factory builds last year. I suppose we’re a DIY bunch at heart, however I look forward to more Class Cs, Roadtreks, Sportsmobiles, Westis or wanna-buys :). The event is an informal gathering to meet friends and share vans ideas, camp and have fun. It is a family friendly dog friendly (on leash and run) campground.

Here is a link the the comprhesensive information guidebook.
Here is a link to the Sprinter Forum NCSC 2017 Thread.

At the first NCSC in 2016, there was a wonderful representation of twenty-one West Coast Sprinters
and Transit owners from DIY and factory built vans in all states of completion. We shared ideas
good times, perfect weather, food, nature, song, socializing, fun and games.

Nor Cal Sprinter Campout

Dinner Time at NCSC

The Cost:
The cost to enter is the $15/night campground fee, $5/day use if coming for a single day.
I’m putting it together for the fun of it. It’s my way to give back to to Sprinter Forum and community.
NCSC Tee Shirts $15. Free commemorative stickers for all attendees

The Place:
Lake Concow Campground is excited to host the event again, and the beautiful 40 acre space is ideal for our type of bring everything crowd. It’s a charming rustic campground with water, pit toilets and cold showers.

Nor Cal Spinter Campout

Lakeside Concow Campground

The Time:
You may show up anytime day or night without reservation for the event. If you think you can make it, leave a
comment. There is no official sign up. We can fit hundreds of vans if need be 🙂

The Plan:
Thursday is early arrival setting up and just hanging out. Most activities will be Friday, Saturday and early
Sunday. Everyone is welcome to show up earlier or stay later than the official dates for regular camp fees.

Schedule Highlights:
We all enjoyed just hanging around the lake and making the rounds to different vans. So the activity schedule will
have much free time to visit and tell super-high-roof tales.
One of the coolest aspects of this informal get-together is that we get to sport our camping regalia in practical
use, opposed to a parking lot. Strolling setup to setup to visit is fun.

Northern Californis Sprinter Campout

Sunset Lakeside. Note Van Leveler Blocks…

The Friday potluck was a hit and we had an impromptu leftovers potluck
Saturday night. 2017 We’re gonna do two (totally optional) potlucks Friday and Saturday at 6PM and a goodbye pancake breakfast Sunday morning 9AM. I’ll bring the Krusteaz and have my son Isaac flippin flapjacks.

Driving East on CA Highway 70 up the Feather River Canyon. We will drive part way up past Rock Creek to Injun Jim Camp area where we can break and hang out along the granite laiden Feather River. Points of interest beyond will be mapped out for those wishing to explore further.

Circle The Wagons. Rally Stop NCSC 2016

Headquarters layout, Lake Concow Campground has an exceptionally large stage for music and for hanging out lakeside. HQ will be on the lakeside of the stage for easy access to stage stairs and more hanging out closer to the
lake, as most vans picked lakeshore spots.

NCSC 2016 Music. Nell and Jim Band

Gravybrain funk band on Saturday 6-8PM.
Off Grid Power Challenge:
I would like to propose a challenge where the band is completely powered by Sprinter battery setups and ditch the
noisy-fumey generator (but have as a backup). I just upgraded to a 2000 watt pure sine-wave inverter which can power the main PA system. If we get another two or three inverter power donors for the guitar and bass amp, and for lights (modified sine ok) it should be great. (Each inverter would power one element independently to avoid phase synch issues) We have a second van now. These power contributers will be able to camp lakeside near the stage.

Wheel of Sprinter Friday after potluck, picture scavenger hunt Saturday afternoon, Sprinter Jeopardy
Saturday after music. Better peruse Sprinter-Wiki before the campout. Campfires Friday and Saturday Nights.
Hood or Lawn ornament competition. Let’s get creative and make a hood or lawn ornament. The poll winning team gets  NCSC Tee Shirts

Nor Cal Sprinter Campout

Sprinter Jeopardy

Free Box:
Bring your surplus build parts for the ‘Sprinter Free Box’. There were great scores last year going to happy new
owners-builders. If you have something really nice that commands a few bucks, that’s fine too.

Getting There:
For those of you planning on Fall Sprinter galavanting, consider a stop off at NCSC in Concow, CA. It is situated in
a beautiful part of Northern California seldom treaded by most, however, between many classic destinations:
2 hrs West of Tahoe-Reno,
40 Minutes East of Chico and Sierra Nevada Brewery
1.5 hours South of Mt. Lassen National Park
2 hours North of Sacramento
3 hours NorthEast of the Bay Area
3.5 hours East of the Mendicino Pacific Coast
4.5 hours South of Ashland, Or.

That’s the basic info.
Download the NCSC 2017 Guidebook for a comprehensive look at the event.
Looking forward to seeing some old and new Sprinter fans and friends.

See you at Nor Cal Spinter Campout 2017

Nor Cal Sprinter Campout

Group Fire Ring – Stage and Lake in Background

….and a video from last year…