Lo-Fi Pink Noise 1 and 10 Hour Mp3 Downloads


For relaxation at low level concentration and noise masking of other noise in your direct environment, Lo-Fi Pink noise randomized static with a lower digital sample rate and bit depth pixelating the sound. The result of the 5 bit depth and 4 kHz sample rate is less high frequencies, a smooth midrange and full bass low frequencies.


Lo Fi Pink Noise Ten Hours and One Hour downloads is a smooth ambient listen with less high frequency due to the lower sample rate and bit depth. The sample rate is 4 kHz compared to typical 48 kHz digital audio and the bit depth dropped from 24 to 5 bits. By design, this variation is a relaxing sounding listen for noise masking, focused concentration, or relieving tinnitus. full frequency spectrum ambient noise listened to mask loud sounds, to help study or concentrate, for ear fatigue relief such as tinnitus, for headphone burn-in, or as a calming background listen. The difference between Pink and White Noise is increased low frequencies (bass) which makes it sound more even and pleasing to the human ear. Pink Noise reminds listeners of natural sounds such as ocean waves and waterfalls.

Ten Hour MP3 download 192kBps
One Hour MP3 Download 320kBps


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