Public Speaking and Consultations

Dale Price is available for one on one consultation about live audio sound, recording equipment and acoustical analysis of venue spaces. He is also speaks to groups of students, technical teams, or anybody aspiring to improve the sonic performance of live events and recording.

Dale Price has been working, playing and making a living in the audio industry for thirty years. He loves to share his experiences, knowledge and perspective of sound and recording and what it takes to survive as an engineer in a small town in Northern California.

For every engineer that touts success working with national and international household name artists, there are hundreds of audio engineers doing the hard work in nightclubs, churches, theaters, schools, sports venues, fairgrounds and everywhere else good sound is needed. This is the world most audio engineers, like Dale, work in day to day.

Dale speaks with audio enthusiasts to respond to questions an topics encountered along the sound journey. There is so much to learn. Much of the knowledge comes from experience rather than institutional learning. For instance, college audio courses teach the importance of signal flow, yet Dale had to learn how to patch large speaker systems together in the field (at the fairgrounds) after getting a bachelors degree in music and audio. The learning never stops.

An audio engineer is applying musical intellect, technical know-how, acoustical interpretive skills, and interpersonal communication to make an event happen. Without the sound guy, there is just a pile of equipment that cannot set itself up or be refined into a great sounding experience.

Dale Price can help you with get a better understanding of audio.