Equipment is a vital ingredient in the recording recipe. An experienced engineer, with good ears, who interfaces the equipment with artist is essential. Dale Price makes every effort to help musicians forget about the technical aspects of recording and concentrate on what truly matters most; capturing good performances with quality sound and mixing them into the artists’ vision.

Gear Philosophy: Analog/Digital Hybrid

Electric Canyon records in digital format using Class A analog equipment before digitizing the audio signals. The digitized signal is recorded into ProTools recording software on computer. There are many advantages to recording digital, such as on board effects (plug-ins), powerful editing capabilities, no rewinding and huge storage capabilities. We also use analog standalone equipment, like vintage effects, compressors and equalizers and a large format mixing console. This analog-digital hybrid of gear combine with a great sounding rooms and an experienced engineer creates the ultimate professional recording environment of today.

Microphone Preamplifiers

Over a dozen Class A tube and discrete and integrated circuit microphone preamplifiers are on hand to broadening the sonic possibilities of the microphone, instrument, the room and mic placement. Studio favorites are the Seventh Circle Audio Neves, The John Hardy API style pres an the all tube Summits pre/compressors. Most Electric Canyon Pre’s have Dean Jensen transformers which not only eliminate hum and buzz, but make mics sound better though proper impedance matching creating a huge open sound.

Microphones/Direct Boxes

Electric Canyon has a variety of contemporary and vintage microphones. Tube, condenser, ribbon and dynamic designs are featured from many brands offering a broad palette of sonic flavor to record instruments.

Signal Processing

Today’s compression, equalization, reverbs, delays and other effects are created in computers digitally and analog in stand-alone hardware. Electric Canyon has a multitude of effects available ranging from the early 80’s through today. Modern software plug-ins that faithfully replicate classic gear of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s is used offering unlimited sonic directions a recording can take. Today’s signal processing is one reason it is the greatest time to be recording.

Control Room Monitoring

In-wall, concentric speakers are the primary monitoring source to which the reflective free zone control room are designed around. Near-field monitor speakers are also used along with headphones and a boom box for real world checking of mixes. Headphones/Headphone Mix StationsA selection of professional headphones and several independent mixes for each player are available.


Artists and bands typically bring their instruments and amplifiers and drums to recording sessions as personal gear typically adds to the artist’s unique sound and increases playing comfort. Electric Canyon has drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, a digital piano, and amplifiers on hand if desired for a session. Inquire with Dale Price beforehand to ensure an instrument is available and ready to at the session.


Electric Canyon is hand wired with high quality audio cabling and carefully planned AC outlets throughout. Lighting takes the form of bright functional lighting and a variety of dimmable, indirect, and mood lighting.

Air Conditioning/Heating

An over sized heating and cooling system cycles the entire studio several times per hour. Extra large duct-work allows quiet operation while recording. The studio keeps warm in the winter and cool in those Chico summers (crucial).

Please contact Dale for more specifics on gear.